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Introducing Healthy Future Project to the public

This thursday we had a chance to present our project "Healthy Future Project" one more time in front of potetential employers, since they were looking for young staff for this season. Besides them, there were a few newsmen so our experience could get to general public. After whole presentation a couple of hotel owners approached to us (hopefully because they liked our story) and offered job at their place. Since all of us allready have a job we were not able to accept this offer even  though it was very pleasant to know that there are people that are interested in your work and capabilities.

srijeda, 15. studenoga 2017.

Gelato with Olive Oil

1 ¾  cups milk
¼  cup crème fraîche
¼ teaspoon salt
½ cup honey
4  egg yolks
¼  cup olive oil


Stir milk, crème fraîche, salt and ¼  cup of honey in a saucepan until the ingredients are united. Let it cook for a short  time over medium heat until the mixture is smooth. Then remove the saucepan from fire.
Beat the egg yolks with the remained ¼ cup of honey untiy you have a foam consistency. Pour ½ cup of warm milk slowly on to the mixture.
This you tave to add into a pot with the rest of the milk and cook slowly for 2-3 minutes until you reach the desired density.
After 3 minutes we pour the olive oil on to the mixture and stirr it occasionaly to cook it down sooner.
When our mixture has cooled down we put it into a form and keep it in the freezer for 4 hours.

We concluded that by making ths ice-cream we lowered the production of Co2 in the way that the ice-cream was produced at home. We also made use of entirely local ingredients form the nearby farms. The ice-cream itself was cooked for only a short time (max. of 3 minutes). We realised that it is possible to make ice-cream at home of a better quality then ice-cream from shops where all availabe sorts of ice-cream are facotry-produced. As far as waste is concerned, we had only BIO-waste which was disposed of in appropriate containers as reguated by the EU.

Gratinated shrimps in shellfish shells

Ingrediens for 4 persons:

Ingrediens for the fish soup:
100 g of white fish cut into cubes
2 gloves of gralic
0,5 dl white wine
0,5 dl olive oil
some salt and pepper
0,5 l water

Peel the garlic and boil it together with the fish cubes, wine, olive oil, salt and pepper in water for 10 minutes. Strain and use the soup for the velouté sauce.

2 dl fish soup
30 g butter
30 g of wheat-flour

200 g peled shrimps
30 g grana padano
50 g fresh pepppers
50 g zucchini
30 g butter
some shells of any kind of shellfish

Sauté the the shrimps in butter for a short time, when they soften, remove them from the pan and sauté the diced vegetables. Put the shrimps and vegetables into the velouté sauce. Squeeze it a little and put it into the shells. Top the filling with the grated grana padano and put the filled shells onto a baking pan. Bake everything for a few minutes on 200 ̊C.

How did we reduce the production of Co2 gases?
We reduced it ba using vegetables, wine and olive oil from local producers. The shrimps and fish used were caught in the channel of Zadar. We cut the vegetables and fish into small cubes to reduce the cooking time. Therfore the thermal treatment was also very short and this contributed to the reduction of the emission of Co2.

CO2 -> 0,86 emissions equivalent 5,99km by car

četvrtak, 2. studenoga 2017.

In 2016 three european schools collaborated and decited to join project for healthier and better future also known as Erazmus+. This time they organised trip to Italy to inspire students and make them aware of global warming etc. We were one of these students and experienced it all.

Marco Carpineti Winery
Place where anyone who appreciates wine can experience wine tasting on completely other level. The fact that it is start-up company makes some kind of humble atmosphere. Beautiful surronding with unique wine gives you unbelievable feeling.

Gellateria Fatamorgana
This factory located just a few km away from centre of Rome is well-known gellateria for its high quality of gellatos and sorbets. Thankfully we had a chance to see and be involved in proces of production. Being a part of it chaged the way we were looking at store-bought ice-crem. This experience encouraged us to experiment with ingredients by showing it that is possible to be stable on the market with not common flavours such as fig and wine jam with ricotta ice-cream.

Mòzzarella & co
This bar offers gastronomic adventure by fresh-made mozzarella and other (mostly) mature cheeses with prossciuto, wine etc. We had opportunity to see how is mozzarella made and how does real mozzarella tastes which gave us very nice memories.

One place where anyone can find its own. Whether you prefer sweet or salty, pasta or cakes, drinks or anything else, you can find it in this huge building. It's the one spot with countless products that are freshly made or have been produced in local towns near Rome. After experiencing it you will realise that Eataly it's not just a market, it's way more...

Walk in Rome

This sightseeing trip showed us historical and modern parts of Rome which we loved.We were impressed by astonishing buildings from Roman Empire surronded with modern architecture. It was hard to say goodbye to city like this.


After 5 days of beautiful memories sadly we have to leave Rome. We will never forget this place for its culture and people. We hope that we will see members of Erazmus project as soon as possible...

All of us are thankful for everything that Rome have offered to us.
Students of HTUS

Introducing Healthy Future Project to the public This thursday we had a chance to present our project "Healthy Future Project"...